Art of Horses

Horses are special to many people and there is a long history of horses being represented in art. Horses have been depicted in paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and almost any artistic medium imaginable. There is a special relationship between horses and their owners. Although I did not grow up in a rural environment I suspect that like most young people I had a fascination with horses and read about them and drew them in my art. Just in the last few years I have reignited my fascination with horses and have looked at how I can represent the “spirit” and “beauty” of these animals in a new and creative way.

I have spent some time with friends who own horses and who spend a lot of their time around horses and with other “horse people”. Some of the photographs I have taken have been at local riding stables, horse rescue organizations, horse jumping events and racetracks. My attempt is to create contemporary art using a symbol, the horse, in ways in which it has not been seen before. By combining images of the animals and their environments perhaps these animals can be seen in new and unconventional ways.

Horse Ghost Horse Helper Horse Things Jumpers Neon Cowgirls Rise Up Clean Up

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