It's Like... Curling as Art

I have been involved with the sport of curling for over 40 years. First as a player and participant, then as an instructor and official and during the last few years as a full time ice technician. I am employed full time during the winter at The Crestwood Curling Club in Edmonton, Alberta. Since graduating from Grant MacEwan University in April, 2008I have produced a variety of different art projects using curling images as the subject matter in the final pieces. My first public display of the art was titled “The Art of Curling” and was first shown at the Jasper Place Curling Club in 2008 and is still on display there.

In 2009 I was asked to produce a series for the Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials in Edmonton. The project, which I titled “Curling on Canvas”, was on display during the competition and is currently installed at the Crestwood Curling Club.

In 2010 I was commissioned by the Canadian Curling Association to produce a series of images which were used at various national curling events as sportsmanship awards. The images were printed on canvas and stretched on a frame and were presented at six major curling events during the 2010 - 2011 curling season. Check out The Sportsmanship page for more information and to see the images.

My home club, The Crestwood Curling Club, hosted the Alberta Junior Provincial Curling Championships in January, 2011. I was asked to produce a series of commemorative plaques for the sponsors of the event. In order to create something unique I printed them on aluminum and mounted them on a wooden frame. The images can be seen on The Junior page.

I also produced a large three panel tryptich which featured images of junior curlers and which was raffled off to raise money for the junior curlers at the Crestwood. That image can be seen here.

Finally, I was commissioned to do four images and print them on aluminum for a member of the Crestwood Curling Club. The member presented them to the sponsors of his junior ladies curling team. These too can be seen at The Junior page.

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