Your Company

as a

Work of Art!

I will come to your business and spend some time photographing in order to capture the essence of the company. From the photographs I will produce a preliminary mock up which will be sent to your company for feedback. The final image can be in a size and format which would be appropriate for the business and the space in which it will be displayed.

Take a look at the images of the art work which I produced for Dyneco Automotive Services as an example of the sizes and formats which are available.

It's Like... Your Company

Your company expressed as a work of art!


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It's Like... Horses

Contemporary art with an emphasis on horses


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It's Like... Curling

The sport of curling expressed in contemporary art

CCA Mixed Sportsmanship

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Dyneco Automotive Services

This image was produced especially for the customer lounge at DynEco Automotive. I have been a customer of Mark Steven's for over 25 years, going back to Mark's previous business, Dynamotive. I offered to produce an image which was unique to DynEco and which would try to capture the essence of the business in a contemporary art image. The final image consists of a collage of photos which were taken in and around DynEco.

Dyneco triptych

NewDynEco, 2009, digital image mounted on board, triptych, each panel 24 inches x 48 inches

Images of art installation