The Art of Curling 2009

In the spring of 2008, I was fortunate enough to meet Jackie Rae Greening at a social event and talked to her about my "Curling on Canvas" project and suggested that perhaps she, as head of the Roar of the Rings event, might be interested in having me do a similar project for that event. After many phone calls and much discussion, I was asked to be a part of the Roar of the Rings event and the images which resulted are what constitute "The Art of Curling" exhibition.

When I had talked to Jackie Rae about doing this project she expressed a desire to somehow represent the curling clubs which were part of The Northern Alberta Curling Association (NACA) but were outside the greater Edmonton area. The Northern Alberta Curling Association consists of 16 "zones". Zones 1 to 6 represent the curling clubs within the greater Edmonton area while zones 7 to 16 represent the clubs in the rest of northern Alberta.

This idea became the basis of my project. I have travelled to most of the curling clubs within NACA and took photographs of their buildings and sites. These digital photographs were then combined with my previous photographs and digitally scanned images to produce the eleven canvases which are now on display. Each image represents one "zone"; and I have included the zone number within each image. The canvases have been hung in a vertical orientation to represent the banners which are common in most curling clubs across Canada and I have incorporated curling brooms into the exhibit as a support system to hang the display. My use of the curling brooms not only represents and pays homage to the most well recognized piece of curling equipment in the game, but also gives the viewer a sense of the history of the curling broom from the corn broom to the present day synthetic broom.

Zones one to six Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10 Zone 11 Zone 12 Zone 13 Zone 14 Zone 15 Zone 16 Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event Art of Curling Event

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